Information Communication Technology


Roberts McCubbin Primary School believes that through the use of ICT, we will equip our children to participate in a rapidly changing world. We believe in the safe and responsible teaching and use of a range of technology within the school curriculum.

Roberts McCubbin Primary School uses a wide range of technology in the classrooms, including:


- iPads

- Laptops

- Digital Televisions

- Apple TV

- Data Projectors

- Visualisers

- Digital cameras



Roberts McCubbin provides wireless internet connection, infrastructure to support ICT and a specialist technician.





In 2013 we began the process of becoming an eSmart school through the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. eSmart schools build a culture of smart, safe and responsible use of information and communications technologies. They embrace the best of the technologies but understand the pitfalls.


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Roberts McCubbin Primary School has a non compulsary 1:1 iPad program that was introduced in Term 1 2014.


Our goal is to provide our children with the best possible primary school education. The RMPS 1:1 iPad program will assist us to achieve this goal by using contemporary 21st century technology to develop in all our children the learning skills necessary to allow them to maximise their learning potential in primary school, secondary school and beyond the classroom.




A 1:1 program provides students with personal, portable devices to enhance their opportunities for learning. 1:1 programs are also known as ‘anywhere, anytime’ for students’ programs. 1:1 programs support the individualising of learning, can increase independence and extend learning beyond the classroom.


A 1:1 program enables each student’s learning tools to be always available to that student, and this is not possible with shared technology. 1:1 gives the students ownership of their work and allows student reflection and sharing of their work. It becomes a valuable tool for assessment, providing feedback and enabling students to continue their learning at home.


One of the key benefits will be that students and parents will be able to share what their child has been working on during the day. Children will be able to take their parents through the steps of their learning which will reinforce and support what has been learnt. This allows parent to be more engaged and involved in their child’s learning.


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