Meaningful Home / School Partnerships are developed between parents and teachers to create a positive and caring school community. Good communication is critical to this process and is provided through:


COMPASS School Management System

Weekly newsletters available online

Weekly whole school assembly (Friday 2:45pm)

Comprehensive reporting system

'Open Door' policy

Parent information sessions

Formal and informal parent teacher meetings

Class expo

Annual magazine


Community involvement is actively encouraged and the school provides many opportunities for involvement in your child's education at a variety of levels.



COMPASS is a comprehensive system where important news is delivered to your personal homepage. This includes student reports and the booking of parent teacher meetings. Notification of events (excursions and incursions) and payments are also managed through COMPASS.


Curriculum Information Nights

Curriculum nights are held early in the year to provide class teachers with the opportunity to explain curriculum and programs to parents.


Throughout the year further information nights may be held on specific subjects.


Open Days

Our open day and night are held during Education Week in May each year.


Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent / Teacher meetings are held early in the year for teachers and parents to discuss individual needs of students. At these meetings, teachers together with parents, set individual goals for students. Later in the year, another formal meeting is held to review these goals and the student's progress. However, if you feel the need to discuss any concerns, please don't leave it until the scheduled meeting times. Meetings can be arranged at other times that are mutually convenient to both parent and teacher.


Parents receive a written mid-year report and a written end of year report indicating their child's development in each of the eight key learning areas.


Weekly Newsletter

Our weekly Newsletter informs parents of diary dates, coming events, and curricular happenings. The newsletter is open to all for contributions of interest to the school community.


To subscribe to our newsletter follow the instructions on the homepage. Each week you will receive a reminder email that the newsletter is available.


Changeable Sign

Look out for the changeable sign located on the corner of Devon and Birdwood Streets for updated information.



Each Friday a whole school assembly is held. Standing room is available at the rear of the hall and parents are very welcome to attend.


What do I do if I have a concern about my child?

Roberts McCubbin Primary School and its parents are committed to working in partnership for the benefit of the children in our care. Good communications is the key element of this process.


Our 'open door' policy means that class teachers are available to address any concerns that may arise.

If you have a concern that needs to be discussed, the order of contact is as follows:


Your first point of contact is with your class teacher, followed by the team leader (Junior- Maria Pase, 3/4-Cheryl Ryan, 5/6-Peter Wright) and lastly addressed to the Principal class. Please remember an appointment time is usually appreciated.